Thursday, November 1, 2012

Full speed ahead.....

Ahhh…. Feeling mellow, a big bit tired, but satisfied after my 5:30 Accountability Buddy call with April. My eyes are firmly on my North Star, for sure. Even though they are tired eyes. I made a decision to skip the pool aqua aerobics class this morning, even though I know it is a necessity for me. Instead, I’m staying tucked into my cozy bed, windows open to the lovely sounds of the rains. And I’m going to write for several hours this morning!
There…. That’s my goal, my North Star. My creative writing teacher/coach feels I’m attempting, maybe too much? Both the NaNoWriMo novel of 50,000 words and the e-book of 20,000 words. Maybe. Maybe so. Maybe not! Maybe I do have it in me. In either case, the activity in itself is a gift. To create a new body, mind, spirit habit of daily writing.
Thank you God, Goddess, Angels and Guides!