Monday, August 27, 2012

Quiet mind opens to Manifesting Dreams

  I quieted my mind this morning, asking for a nugget to share, something to perhaps expand upon at a later time. This is what spirit brought to me.....

I invite you to let your breathing slow, slower, slower. With each breath, feel your body relaxing. With each new breath, feel your mind slowing down, all the fragments of thoughts flowing away from you like a beautiful waterfall. You find yourself on the back side of the waterfall, just noticing all those random thoughts as they cascade to the deep azure pool below. Interesting, they are always there to be redeemed, examined, maybe expanded upon.

But, for now, you are relishing in the emptiness of your mind. Just deep peace, deep silence, deep You. In this inner sanctum, you find yourself alone with the One, the One of which you are an integral part.

From that Holy Place, I invite you to let your imagination run free.... allow the images of what you truly want to formulate before you, maybe on the backside of the cascading waterfall. See the movie of your desires for your life. What ever your dreams are, they are important. Your dreams and visions are born from the Source. Infinite Intelligence will do everything to allow your dreams and wishes to come alive, to move into reality. Will you?

Are you willing to open your heart and mind to daring new ideas? Are you willing to allow the anticipation of a fabulous life to be come Reality?

I rejoice with your as your Dreams and Wishes become manifest. You are TRULY WORTHY of all you DESIRE!

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